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Vans Shoes & Apparel

Vans shoes are intrinsically tied to to the world of skateboarding. After all they are one of oldest and most popular skate shoe companies in existence. Since 1966 skateboarders from all over the world have worn these classic silhouettes with that perfectly functional sticky waffle sole. When something works so well its hard not to appreciate it.

Vans believe in making skateboarding as inclusive as they can. Their riders reflect the incredible diversity of the modern skateboard community. Their classic silhouettes are worn by men and women of all ages. Another thing to consider about Vans is the PopCush insoles included with nearly every style of shoe. PopCush is one of the very best insole available in a skate shoe.

Vans clothing represents great value thanks to their decades of experience manufacturing high quality skate specific clothing and accessories.


Sk8 Hi

The Sk8 Hi is a right of passage skate shoe. An icon that is recognised as a skateboarders shoe the world over. Timeless in its design. They are super cozy and comfortable. The higher ankle provides protection and support. The panels allow for amazing colour combinations.

vans old school shoes in black and gum

Old Skool

It’s hard to believe that the Vans Old Skool has existed as a skate shoe for over 40 years. Its is one of the oldest Vans shoes made specifically for skatebaording. Countless skateboarders from every era have worn and ridden in this iconic shoe.

vans half cab skate shoe

Half Cab

The Half Cab is a Vans Footwear staple. Reflecting the changing world of skateboarding in the early 90’s. During that era there was a desire for lower cuffed shoes. Skateboarders were taking their high tops and cutting them down. Vans saw this and the Half Cab as we know it today was born.

The Lizzie Low skate shoe in black and white suede.

The Lizzie

Made in collaboration with Lizzie Armanto the Lizzie is an entirely new shoe for Vans. It features a new lower footbed for a more direct board feel whilst still providing the necessary heel protection and comfort that Vans have become famous for.

zahba zio wright skateboarding shoe


Zion Wright is an all terrain master. His first pro skate shoe with Vans has been built from the ground up to meet the pressures and demands of modern skateboarding. These are comfortable and skate-able right out of the box. Multi layer protection for both wear and shock absorption.

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With over 40 years of involvement in skateboarding Vans have lots of experience when it comes to clothing. High quality apparel built with skateboarding but worn by everyone.

Vans started life in 1966 when Paul Van Doren and his brother Jim Van Doren started to make shoes in California. Soon after skateboarders began to appreciate the unique skateboarding qualities of those early shoes. Many of those features are still present in Vans skate shoes.