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Vans Skate Half Cab Bruce Lee Black-Yellow

Be Like Water is a famous quote from Bruce Lee. Whilst he may have been referring to martial arts and in particular Jeet Kune Do. The phrase works incredibly well for skateboarding. Flow is a term used to describe the movement of water and of skateboarding. This new Vans collaboration has custom artwork inside and out referencing one of martial arts greatest and brightest. The new Vans Skate Half Cab has been built extra tough for skateboarding. The Vans Duracap provides extra protection in the toe area for flip tricks whilst the Vans Popcush insole locks you feet in and provides support to prevent heel bruise. The vans Vans waffle sole has been redeveloped to to be even sticky on your board. The Vans Half Cab has remained one of skateboardings most popular skate shoes for over 30 years.

Vans Skate Shoes > Vans Skate Shoes Item Number 2473051

Upper – Suede

Sole Unit – SICKSTICK Vulcanised Sole

Insole – PopCush

GTIN 196570642990 | 196570643256 | 196570643362 | 196570643461 | 196570643560

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