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An essential item for any skateboarder that struggles with the cost of replacing skate shoes. Shoe Goo is a transparent rubber like substance that can be applied to worn areas of your skate shoe and comes in a resealable tube. Before you wear a hole in your shoes you can use Shoe Goo to repair the damaged area. Just remember three things. First Shoe Goo works best when applied in multiple thin layers rather than one big one. Secondly Shoe Goo takes at least 24 hours to dry but if you leave it for at least 48 hours it will be so much stronger. Finally Shoe Goo smells really bad. Make sure you apply it to your shoes outside or at the very least in a well ventilated room. Also avoid getting it on your hands. Wash your hands well after using. One tube will do around 10 or 12 repair jobs.

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