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Nike SB Footwear & Apparel

Nike SB footwear are some of the most exciting, iconic and most popular skate shoes ever made. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible and always striving to improve further. Utilising their decades of experience and backed up by one of the greatest skateboarding teams ever assembled, Nike SB has become one of skateboardings most beloved skate shoe brands.

Nike work actively to encourage diversity and inclusivity throughout all of their sports. Skateboarding is no exception and most of their projects demonstrate their desire to welcomes skateboarders from every background. The Nikes SB Pogo and Bruin have been designed to provide a narrower fit in the heel

Nike SB is a complete head to toe brand not just providing excellent footwear but skate specific technical clothing inspired by skateboarding and designed to be worn by anyone. Their skate shoes are durable, skate-able and look excellent. Everything you need from a good skate shoe.

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Nike SB Blazer

The Blazer one of the worlds most popular skateboarding shoes. A flexible sticky sole makes sure that you and your board stay connected. The higher cut provides both ankle support and protection.


The Pogo is a newer silhouette from Nike. Built from the ground up and with a more specific narrower fit on the heel with a more rounded toe. The Pogo is a durable, comfortable and more affordable new skate shoe.


Leo React

The Leo React is Leo Baker’s latest pro shoe. With its 90’s aesthetic and mid cut height the Leo React is a great looking shoe. It’s also full of Nike shoe technology with breathable panels and the impact react cushioning insole. These are instantly skate-able right out of the box.


Force 58

The Force 58 is clean and functional skate shoe. Those classic panels allow for some great colour options. More affordable but every bit a great Nike SB skate shoe.


Nyjah 3

Nyjah Huston is one of the worlds very best skateboarders but his pro shoe is also one of the best skate shoes available. Made from durable, natural vegetarian materials the rubber upper is almost indestructible. Lightweight, with a broken in feel and great cushioning make this an amazing technical skateboarding shoe.


SB Dunk

If there’s one shoe that needs no introduction it is this. The Nike SB Dunk has always been one of the most sought after shoes. With thoughtful and playful collaborations. Thanks to that classic silhouette, clever colour blocking the Dunk has remained one of the most intriguing and exciting skate shoes ever.



The Ishod takes its inspiration from a number of classic basketball shoes and incorporates that with lots of skate specific technology. Durability, board feel, cushioning and lace protection are all included. Maybe we can’t all skate like Ishod but we can do our best to look and feel good anyway.


Nike SB Apparel

Nike are a head to toe brand. It’s not just footwear but also excellent technical skateboard clothing too. From hats to socks and everything in the middle.

Nike SB began in 2002. Inspired by skateboarding and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Creating exciting new silhouettes and elevating classic styles from their extensive back catalogue. Nike are famous for their ability to collaborate with a variety worthy partners to create quick strike shoe launches that have mass appeal not just to skateboarders but to the wider world too.