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Nike SB Ishod Air Max

Nike SB Air Max Ishod Pro

Introducing the new Nike SB Air Max Ishod Pro. Ishod Wair is undeniably one of the worlds best and most stylish skateboarders. Known for effortless precision and style. Pushing at the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard and all the while doing it with such grace.

His latest pro shoe for Nike SB is the new Air Max Ishod. A exciting and completely new silhouette built with a strong 90’s aesthetic and a myriad of technical features for skateboarding. 

The new airbag design provides all of the comfort and support needed for high level skateboarding whilst protecting it from blowing out.

This is thanks to the innovative way that Nike have implemented the airbag into the insole rather than the midsole therefore offering protection from popping.

The new vulcanised cup sole construction give a more immediate broken in feel and provides immediate grip.

Open up the box and go skate right away.

The mixture of textures and fabrics used on the upper give the shoe durability and also a modern athletic look. Technical mesh fabrics are used for breathability and carefully layered suede side panels protect against the harsh grip-tape wear we all experience.

The lacing system is designed to both lock your foot in place firmly and to protect the laces from grip wear. No more dealing with the annoying practice of snapping laces every time you go skate.

Nike SB have done an amazing job of distilling just a small part of Ishod’s huge personality and talent into an exciting brand new silhouette. The Nike SB Air Max Ishod may well become a pillar of modern skateboarding thanks to both it’s looks and technical features.

Order your pair now and have them arrive at your door within two days with fast and free UK shipping.


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