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Learn How To Skateboard – Nottingham Skateboarding Lessons.

You can learn to skateboard on your own or with friends but there are some things that can be really difficult to master. That’s where skateboarding lessons can really help.

If you or someone you know is just starting skateboarding, perhaps the first place you should consider is Flo skatepark. Located near Lady Bay Bridge in Nottingham. Flo is an invaluable part of the Nottingham skateboarding scene. As well as providing a safe and dry place to skate all year round. They also provide lessons every day of the week. Operated by a passionate and thoughtful team of skaters. Flo is famous for providing a welcoming environment for skaters of all ages and genders.

They can help you to start out with the basics and eventually onto the more complicated things.

Plus it’s also a great way to connect with other skaters.

Grab some safety gear and head on over.

Visit Flo Skatepark Website for more information about booking lessons or call them on 07863 130300.