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Guide To Nottingham Skateparks

Nottingham has an excellent collection of skateparks throughout the city and surrounding areas. Each park has it’s own unique design and appeal. Please use this comprehensive guide to find out more information about each of the Nottingham skateparks including their locations and what type of obstacles you’ll find at each one. Grab your skateboard and get exploring.

Flo Indoor Skatepark – 5 Poulton Drive. Nottingham. NG2 4BN (Telephone: 07863 130300)

Flo is the East Midlands premiere skate park. It is huge space with lots of different obstacles to suite all levels of skateboarding from beginner to expert. Flo is a very friendly and welcoming space. The obstacles are built to a very high standard. The facilities are well looked after by a team of passionate workers who are also on hand to provide advice and assistance. There are lessons every day of the the week as well as women specific sessions every other week. Thursday Evenings are the main skate sessions and a great time to hook up with friends especially over the dark winter months. 

Regardless of age and If you’re just starting out in skateboarding Flo should be one of your first places to go. The coaches at Flo will get you rolling safely.

Tram Line Spot or TLS – Sussex Street. Nottingham. NG1 7EZ

The tram line spot is an amazing community based project led by the non profit organisation Skate Nottingham. It has breathed new life into a dark, unused and unloved corner of the city. The spot is semi undercover providing a place to skate when its raining. The obstacles are designed to be accessible to those starting out. They feature a small stair set, a small pier 7 style ledge as well as lots of lower blocks that can also be used as ledges or manny pads. Skate Nottingham also host various activities here including lessons and other skateboard related events. 

The space is well lit so can be skated during the winter months. We ask that people try their best to look after the space and ensure that their rubbish is placed in the bins to ensure that projects like this can continue.

Maple Street Skatepark – Maple Street. Hyson Green. Nottingham. NG7 6AD

Maple Street skatepark is one of Nottinghams oldest skateparks. The park features a really good concrete mini ramp and street section. The ramp is kinda big at 5.5′ with a 6.5′ extension. Plenty of flat bottom and great transitions mean that it feels good to skate. The street section has a driveway and block/manny pad combo. Can be lovely in the Spring and Summer but lots of leaves can make it difficult to skate in the Autumn months. 

Maple Street can easily be reached by tram and getting off at the Forest tram stop. The skatepark is behind the main junction of Radford Road and Gregory Boulevard.

King Edwards Skatepark – Carlton Road. Nottingham. NG3 2FB.

King Eddies skatepark is a Skate Nottingham delivered community project. The skatepark is nestled in a lovely park area close to Sneinton Market. Built with a very small budget this skatepark looks quite unusual with its large grass middle. The obstacles are built to a very high standard and are fun to skate. Generally a quiet skatepark to visit but can get busy in the summer. There’s plenty of space for everyone to skate even on those busy days.

The main things to skate are the Manny Pad pier 7 which is an excellent combination of obstacles. The marble ledge is a good height and length. The flat bar is also a good height and very long. 

Good vibes at King Eddies.

Lady Bay Skatepark – Holme Road. West Bridgford. Nottingham. NG2 5BG.

Recently renovated the new Lady Bay skatepark layout makes it a popular destinations for skateboarders in Nottingham and one of the most popular within this guide to Nottingham skateparks.

Built entirely out of concrete and featuring obstacles of a very high standard. The bowled out mini is a homage to the earlier version of the skatepark whilst the street section adds some great new obstacles with ledges, hips, manny pads and rails.

Clifton Skatepark – Clifton Playing Fields. Farnborough Road. Clifton. Nottingham. NG11 8QG.

Clifton is Nottinghams largest and most ambitious outdoor skatepark. It features a large street section with hips, hubbas, rails and gaps. The transition area has a mellow bowled mini and a larger pool style bowl with an oververt section. 

It may be said that this park is better suited to the more experienced skater as many of the obstacles are a bit bigger than those found in other skateparks in Nottingham.

Clifton skatepark is really good and easily accessible by using the tram and getting off at the main Clifton precinct stop.

Titchfield Skatepark – Titchfield Park. Hucknall. NG18 1BA

Hucknall’s skatepark is good and has lots of different types of obstacles to skate. There’s a nice mini ramp, a varied street course with rails, driveways and lots of ledges.

Generally quite quiet and especially so during the day. 

The surrounding tarmac area is also filled with additional obstacles to skate giving good sense of space. 

Valley Road Skatepark – Valley Road. Nottingham (next to the City Hospital roundabout)

Valley road has a very unique skate park layout that is predominantly transition focused. There are lots of interesting lines to be had if you can skate transition well. There is an oververt bowled out corner with double lips to add extra difficulty.

Standhill Skatepark – Standhill Road. Carlton. Nottingham

Standhill in Carlton is a wonderful skatepark that features all of the obstacles that you would want at a skatepark. There are two fantastic ledges, a flat bar/rail and a flat bank for some street stuff. There’s also a very wall, mini spine and quarter pipes for some transition skating. Built out of concrete Standhill is one of Nottingham’s oldest parks but is still in perfect condition.

Highly recommended.

Keyworth Skatepark – Platt Lane. Keyworth. Nottingham

Recently refurbished Keyworth is also one of Nottinghams oldest skateparks. At the end of a quiet leafy lane the park consists of some great street obstacles with a ledge, rail and driveway. Perhaps Keyworth is best known for its lovely concrete mini ramps.

Another really well built parks with a wide range of obstacles providing interest for skateboarders of all levels.

Long Eaton Skatepark – West Park. Long Eaton.

Long Eaton is a large concrete skatepark located in West Park. It features excellent selection obstacles to skate. There’s a 4′ mini with lots of ledges rails of varying heights. Perfect for learning to board slide or grind. The Manny pad is a good height and very long.

Highly Recommended.

Radcliffe-On-Trent Skatepark – Wharf Lane Recreational Ground. Radcliffe-On-Trent.

Radcliffe is very a transition focused skatepark. There are lots of ways to interpret the obstacles making it feel very free flowing. It’s built on a slight slope making the park faster. There’s also a snake run and huge banked wall at the end.

Mansfield Plaza Skatepark – Fisher Lane Park. Mansfield.

Mansfield Plaza or sometimes known as Manny P is an interesting skatepark with a wide variety of obstacles to skate. Manny pads, rails, ledges and even a stair set all feature. The transition obstacles bring you back into the park.

They really managed to squeeze allot into the space. Some great skateboarders have grown up skating here..